Beginner Lessons

The Beginner Level starts with learning how to hold the drum sticks. There are two ways to hold the sticks for different applications. The beginner will also learn three types of drum strokes or strikes and stick heights along with their applications within music. They will also begin to learn how to read music notation along with learning and understanding time signatures. This brings the student into learning drum rudiments. While learning the fundamentals previously mentioned, the student begins to work on basic limb interdependence by applying the fundamentals to a drum set. The beginner level is for establishing strong foundations for playing Concert Snare Drum, Rudimental Drumming, and Basic Drum Set playing.

Intermediate Lessons

The Intermediate Level brings a student into learning and playing different styles of music on drum-set along with gaining limb interdependence required to play different styles. The student also learns how to apply rudiments to the drum set in a more creative way. In this level, a student is also challenged by reading music that is more difficult than in the beginner level. The rudimental drumming level also goes up. Improvisation is also studied in the intermediate level so the student can become comfortable with soloing. The intermediate level is geared toward the student who is trying to play drums within a high-school setting, for example.

Advanced Lessons

The Advanced Level is for the student who is interested in playing in competitions or playing professionally. In this level, everything that is learned in the beginner and intermediate level is maximized while being simulated for real life settings. The student also focuses on being able to hear something and play it back on the spot.

Custom Lessons

*Customized Lessons: I am here for the student so I am able to customize lessons that are based upon a student’s interest and needs. I also realize that there are students out there who have a mixture of skills and strengths, but who might need improvement in other fundamental areas.
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