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Online drum lesson services are a “dime a dozen” in today’s world of technology. My idea is vastly different from those run of the mill services. I offer personalized lessons. My lessons are customized especially for each individual student. My students can interact with an instructor in real time. They can ask questions as they arise. The instructor is there to insure that the student is playing correctly. 

Also in my studio, I have a place where parents can sit and observe the lessons. I have drums set up in a way that allows students and teachers who are playing drums to communicate visually while listening to each other. In my studio, depending on the level of playing and musical understanding, time is spent at the dry erase board, teaching and learning the necessary basics of drumming. As I continue to expand my studio, I will eventually acquire melodic percussion instruments and marching band drums. My dream is big and I am going for it! Why? Because I believe music is that important!

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